Generation Gap: The Lubavitcher Rebbe on the Power of Youth

Watch: When the youth rebellion of the 60s fought the status quo across the Western world, the Rebbe wouldn’t write them off…

The youth rebellion of the 60s saw an explosion of counterculture movements fighting the status quo across the Western world. As many wrote off the radicalism of their children, the Rebbe embraced their passion, arguing that it all stemmed from a thirst for good.

Here is what the Rebbe said in a sicha at 770 Eastern Parkway on 10 Shevat, 5719 – January 19, 1959:

“The Talmud lists a number of signs that point to Moshiach’s imminent arrival, including the youth turning against their elders. The reason we’re told about these bad predictions is so we transform them into positive. 

“As opposed to an adult who may be jaded and uninspired, when you come to a young person and say: Your job is to reshape the world, to improve it and make it better than it is now, they aren’t afraid to wage battles paying no consideration to anyone else’s opinion. Whatever it takes to implement their new idea.”

VIDEO: JEM’s Living Torah Disc 189, program 754

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