Coming next week: Purim 5718

The Ashreinu team is now in the finishing stages of restoring the recording of the Rebbe’s historic farbrengen of Purim 5718 (1958).

Working with three different recordings, which were collected by JEM’s archive over a period of many years, the team has been meticulously reconstructing the audio of that historic night. Each recording has been restored in full to enable them to compare and match the various versions to produce clearest and fullest version.

In addition to over ten sichos (talks), and one of the longest maamorim (discourses) ever (almost a full hour!), previously-undiscovered audio of precious moments between the Rebbe’s talks have been located. The Rebbe can be heard saying l’chaim, addressing specific individuals, and encouraging the singing.

Metadata and summaries are being added for easy access through

Sponsorship for this historic effort, including enabling this special event to be shared with the masses on, is available. If you would like to dedicate this special release (in full or part), please email Yisroel Slonim:

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