Campers Worldwide Spend a Morning Connecting with the Rebbe

2300 boys and girls in 16 different camps spent Friday morning before Gimmel Tammuz engaged connecting and experiencing moments with the Rebbe.

From Melbourne to Toronto, campers and staff alike enjoyed a 45-minute program the day before Gimel Tammuz to connect with and learn from the Rebbe. A talk of the Rebbe, a collage of children with the Rebbe, and a presentation of niggunim performed by Eli Marcus and Fitche Benshimon, all made for an impactful, enjoyable and inspirational Connection Point program.

Camp Emunah’s Mrs. Chaiton was ecstatic about the program. “What a beautiful program. We started on Friday and used the niggunim part as our finale for our shabbos campaign. The girls really related to the parts shared and we ended shabbos on a high with niggunim and writing panim.”

As with all Connection Point ventures, the campers followed throughout the talks, answering questions as they went, and were entered into a raffle for some great prizes. 

For many campers, not coming from schools that are enrolled in Connection Point, this was the first time they were privy to such a program. “I never knew that I could actually understand a sichah directly from the Rebbe, ” said a Yitzchak Cohen, a camper from Pittsburgh, “but the Connection Point format and questions sheet made that possible for me.”

The participating camps were:

  • CGI Parksville, NY
  • CGI Montreal
  • CGI Florida
  • CGI Pittsburgh – Boys
  • CGI Pittsburgh – Girls
  • CGI Toronto – Girls
  • CGI Melbourne Day Camp
  • Cheder Menachem Yeshivas Kayitz
  • Lubavitch Day Camp Monsey
  • Cheder Camp Chicago
  • Camp Gan Menachem – Montreal
  • Toronto Cheder Camp
  • Bais Rivkah Day Camp
  • Camp Emunah
  • Camp Chomeish
  • Chayolei Hamelech

The program was made possible by a generous grant from Yossi and Nechama Dina Katz and family.