In Case You Missed It: 25,000 Possibilities

Our recent push to post 25,000 newly scanned photos generated great excitement. Countless people found their moment with the Rebbe. Inspired, they shared them on social media and other platforms. As the photos were sent from hand to hand, more and more found theirs, or a loved one’s, moment, creating a snowball effect which is still growing.

Users across the globe added thousands of tags to the Living Archive, making it easier for everyone to locate their pictures, bringing our total of names tagged to over 100,000. Thank you!

The photos were posted in five batches in the month before Gimmel Tammuz. If you missed one, or any of the collections, be sure to check them out. 

View black and whites from earlier years and vivid color ones from the later years. View unique shots of special events, and different angle photos from different photographers. 

Become a part of the inspiration today by finding a moment that talks to you and sharing it with a friend, a family member, or the world.

Batch #1 – Freidin, Tishrei 5737
Batch #2 – Freidin, Elul 5745 – Cheshvan 5746
Batch #3 – Freidin, Tishrei 5750
Batch #4 – Freidin, 7 Tishrei 5751 – 26 Cheshvan 5752
Batch #5 – Collections from WLCC, Shlagbaum, Schildkraut and Freidin