5 Programs In Just One Short Month.

Connection Point concludes five beautiful programs throughout the month of Kislev/December. 

Connection Point Classic

Our standard and Flagship, Connection Point Classic is geared towards students in grades five-eight. Used by thirty-five schools worldwide with at least 3,000 students attending, the program aims to help children watch and understand the Rebbe directly. With many components along the way to facilitate this point of connection, the children are motivated and able to comprehend the Rebbe undoubtedly.

This past month, the children watched the incredible Chanukah Live 5752. Since many teachers were present at the original rally, the students got to feel the experience from the video that was shown – and from their teachers reliving their memories.

Connection Point High

The second program part of the Connection Point umbrella, Connection Point High is geared for girls’ high schools and used in schools all over America. With new schools joining this year, the program continues to expand and crystalize. 

This past cycle, the students watched the Yud Tes Kislev Farbrengen that the Rebbe held in 5744 (1983). There, the Rebbe speaks about how “no matter who you are, helping another is of utmost importance.” The girls were very excited about the messages they heard and eagerly brought them into action.

Chanukah Live Relived

As the original event was over satellite and aspiring to relive that experience, Connection Point launched “Chanukah Live Relived.” The program was held over Zoom, with many schools participating. Children worldwide watched for over an hour (!) the incredible rally, and many won unique prizes that CP raffled off for the exceptional event. 

Connection Point Yoma Depagra – Hei Teves

The newest initiative from Connection Point, CPYD aims to give each child the experience and understanding of these special days – from the Rebbe and by the Rebbe. Focusing on days that are specifically connected to our Rebbe, CPYD will be happening four times this year.

The initiative began for Hei Teves and the feedback was terrific. 

Connection Point Home

Additionally, a new initiative this year, CP Home aims to give the CP experience at specific events. The initiative was dedicated by Beryl & Shani Junik in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Moshe Dovid

The first presentation was “CP Bar Mitzvah,” which had the Bar Mitzvah’s attendees hear the Rebbe’s message for a Bar Mitzvah bochur. The Bar Mitzvah Bochur himself narrated the video, and the viewers were thrilled. 

As one viewer told the Bar Mitzvah boy’s father, “it is amazing, you had the Rebbe by the Bar Mitzvah!”

Upcoming programs

The next round for Connection Point (Classic and High) is starting next month, and the enthusiasm is evident. Grades five-eight will be experiencing “Purim rally 5743,” where the Rebbe lays out how children should approach their surroundings. And the high school girls’ will be experiencing “Purim 5733,” where the Rebbe speaks about Esther and what we can learn from her.

Additionally, as part of the Yoma Depagra program, Connection Point plans a grand event for this Yud Shvat – for all ages. The production is extensive, and the program is expected to be phenomenal. Stay tuned for more announcements regarding this program. 

Connection Point is made possible by Yossi & Nechama Dina Katz and Family.

Connection Point is a project of JEM in collaboration with Tzivos Hashem.

For more information about Connection Point or to enroll your school, please email lplotkin@jemedia.org