New resource for accessing Yud Shevat media across all JEM platforms

The vast library of audio, video, photos and other multimedia content in JEM’s archives is rich with decades-worth of Yud Shevat moments. To date, all the content surrounding this auspicious day has been published across JEM’s platforms, each according to their respective media types. This includes 9 full Farbrengen videos on, 5 of which have been produced and translated, hours of additional raw video content from Yud Shevat throughout the years also available at, 20 Farbrengens in restored audio on, and hundreds of photos on

Now, ahead of this year’s Yud Shevat, JEM is launching a new featured “Events page” to help bring it all together. Piloting for each of the six full-length Yud Shevat Farbrengens that have been produced and translated, each events page provides easy access to the video, audio, photos, stories and transcripts associated with a Farbrengen, to allow you to dive in and fully appreciate the precious moments in all available forms.

This content has been generously funded by a grant from Sholom and Esther Laine
 Access the seven new event pages here :