Mitzvah First, Party Later

The Rebbe gave me that insight and more. When he asked me, “What are you accomplishing?” it was clear that he believed that I needed to be active in helping others. This lit a fire under me, and to this day, it motivates me to continue to teach Torah wherever I can. Read More:

Out of Many, One — The Rebbe on Elections

As Americans head to the polls in record numbers to select one individual to the world's most prominent and contentious position, a new film by JEM presents the Rebbe's take on US presidential elections. Notably, the Rebbe addresses the transformation that must occur within the victor, and how he must pivot from "campaign mode" - rallying and exciting his supporters - to "presidential mode," where he must represent the needs of every citizen in the country.

Doing Good, One Base at a Time

I was very excited, and I thought a great deal of what gift I might present to the Rebbe. Since I am a descendant of Yemenite Jewry, I decided to give the Rebbe a copy of Diwan, a compilation of songs and liturgical poems by Rabbi Shalom Shabazi, the great 17th century Yemenite scholar and poet. Read More

Overnight, short film inspires hundreds around the world to take the plunge

Barely twenty-four hours after the premiere of the new JEM production Living with the Times, JEM has received an overwhelming response from individuals who have since taken up the daily study of “Chitas.” Inspired by the film, viewers from around the world have written, expressing an immediate interest in incorporating Chitas into their daily routine as a direct result of the episode.

You Are Never Helpless

While doing outreach work on college campuses as a Chabad emissary in the Los Angeles area, I began running into missionaries who were trying to convert Jewish students to Christianity. Also, the Chabad House where I worked was getting phone calls from parents whose children had converted, so I had to learn how to respond. Read more:

Getting Your Hands Dirty

I was impressed by his knowledge of criminology. For example, at a certain point in the conversation he asked me, “Are you familiar with the writings of Cesare Lombroso?” Read More: