Innovative Technology and Timeless Wisdom Blend Together for an Experience Like No Other

Every. Single. One. heralds a new frontier in JEM’s innovation, sharing the Rebbe’s message with the world. 

Any media company in today’s age is always on the lookout for fresh, innovative formats to present their content in engaging ways. In a first-of its kind immersive experience, the JEM creative team brings a teaching of the Rebbe to life in twenty-first-century terms, drawing in the viewer and empowering them to act.

The project, dedicated in memory of Shmuel Karnowsky, a young chosid who, earlier this week, passed away suddenly in his sleep, rolls out a new immersive format, featuring a unique user experience.

Presenting a core teaching of the Rebbe through video, audio, images and text, the experience is based on the Talmud’s statement that, “all that the Holy One Blessed be He created in this world, He did not create a single thing without purpose.”  At untold opportunities, the Rebbe would pronounce that every person’s circumstances – in fact, even every situation and instance – is divinely ordained; specifically designed by the Creator to be maximized and utilized for a good purpose.

The nucleus of this idea was recorded by the Rebbe in a 1930 notebook entry, and became the inspiration for Every. Single. One.

Built from scratch by JEM’s producer’s, writers, video editors, and developers, many weeks of effort went into its construction. “We built the entire platform from start to finish,” says Yaakov Rozenblatt, JEM’s director of development. “The writing, graphic design, the unique look and zoom of the videos, the smooth mobile interface; all were newly developed and tweaked.”

The page leads viewers through a series of videos of the Rebbe speaking on the topic, interspersed with photos, quotes and narratives which drive the message home. The focus is on three primary theme expressions: How every individual, every situation, and every moment must be maximized and capitalized on.

“Whereas other forms of published content are more two-dimensional,” says Yisroel Slonim, the project’s producer, “here the user can choose to focus on the point that interests him or her, while still getting the full picture. We were aiming to create a user experience unlike any other that we’ve seen.” 

When Slonim pitched the concept to JEM’s director, Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin, he jumped at the opportunity. “We’re always looking for new mediums, new formats, and new ways to present the materials.”.

While JEM has been producing curated content for well over two decades, Every Single One represents a turning point. “Thank G-d, the world is saturated with videos of the Rebbe,” concluded Rabbi Shmotkin, “we’ve been looking for ways to put a fresh — even edgy — method of presenting the existing materials. I think the team has stood up to that challenge.”

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