Same Videos, New Platform: An Efficient Way to Receive Daily JEM WhatsApp Videos.

In recent weeks, JEM has implemented an exciting change in how they deliver the daily videos of the Rebbe to tens of thousands, by transferring the process of distribution to a WhatsApp community

The JEM daily WhatsApp videos have been a steady source of inspiration for many thousands of viewers for every day, for many years. Sent directly to your phone, each video provides a short moment with the Rebbe. Sicha excerpts, a special moment in 770, or a mini series of videos on a specific topic, these videos have become a not-to-be-missed staple in the day of many worldwide.

Click here to receive the daily video on the new WhatsApp community platform.

So, why did we make this change? 

The primary reason is to reach a larger number of subscribers in a smoother and faster manner. By utilizing WhatsApp as our primary platform, we can effectively connect with a broader audience and ensure that everyone receives the daily videos without any delays.

Is my phone number public?

Within the WhatsApp community your phone number is not visible to the other members of the group. Additionally, the videos are sent on a “silent group” where only the group admin can send messages.

We are thrilled about this new development, as it enables us to connect with a wider audience and disseminate the videos you love more efficiently. Join our WhatsApp community today and experience the same great videos of the Rebbe, delivered in a new and improved way.

JEM’s Daily Videos are made possible by the members of the JEM Foundation.

To join our WhatsApp community and start receiving the daily videos of the Rebbe, simply click on the following link:

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