Your Children Are Watching!

New series from JEM: Parenting guidance from the Rebbe.

Raising a child is a rewarding experience. Children are highly impressionable, presenting us with countless opportunities to guide them towards the right path. But children can also be difficult, and can lead parents to experience moments of self-doubt. In today’s world, these challenges are further intensified by external influences. 

Now a new WhatsApp series from JEM, starting today continuing throughout this coming week, will present a selection of advice from the Rebbe on building a strong family unit and on mentoring one’s children in a way that will carry them through lifeClick here to join today.

Spending more time with young children than any other leader in our nation’s history, the Rebbe repeatedly declared that children stood on the front lines of Yiddishkeit — both at present and in the future. The Rebbe also emphasized the significant responsibility and privilege entrusted to parents of raising their children.

How can a parent assure that no “generation gap” forms between themselves and their child? Can a parent truly be present for their child amidst various responsibilities and distractions? Which small decisions matter most in parenting? When does education begin?

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