Now Online: Poignant JEM Film about How One Can Communicate with the Rebbe Today

In connection with Gimmel Tammuz, JEM has produced a short film titled, “Anytime, Anywhere.”

The topic is highly relevant to every Jew in today’s day-and-age: the ability to connect and communicate with the Rebbe even when physical barriers seem to prevent doing so.

Separated by a world war or impassable geopolitical borders, the film’s three moving stories are masterfully woven together with the Rebbe’s own words. The message: One can communicate with the Rebbe, and the Rebbe can respond. The Rebbe’s connection to every chasid is clear and present, every day, everywhere.

The Living Torah team at Jewish Educational Media continues to masterfully produce a top-quality film on a weekly basis on a variety of topics, showcasing ideas the Rebbe discussed, complemented by stories and beautiful moments.

Generally available to members at, this film has been published on YouTube for you to watch with your family or to share with your community. Bring this production to your home, or to your Gimmel Tammuz Farbrengen or community event, and be inspired directly by the Rebbe’s words.

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