Call To Action: The Rebbe’s Message For Wartime

As in any difficult situation, Jews around the world look to the Rebbe for comfort, inspiration, and instruction.

Through war or tragedy, the Rebbe’s consistently taught that we are not defenseless. Our actions can help win the battle for the security of Israel.

JEM has created a new compilation entitled, Spiritual Ammunition. Collecting several short clips of Sichos, we present the Rebbe’s call to action urging Jews to support our brethren by strengthening their commitment to Torah and Mitzvos. Specifically, the Rebbe’s message in these clips focuses on the Mitzvah of Tefillin, gatherings of Jewish children, and acquiring a letter in a Sefer Torah.

Watch “Spiritual Ammunition” here

Additionally, we would like to bring to your attention other relevant material.

YouTube playlist: Israel: “The Land Upon Which God has His Eyes”. Playlist – Security of Israel.

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