The Army Dance

At my father’s request, the Rebbe gave me a blessing – in fact, he blessed me twice in the course of that evening. My father was not a man who showed a lot of emotion, but that day he was very moved. I believe that it was very important to him that his son – who bore his father’s name – should receive a blessing from the Rebbe.

New Film: Special Guests

In honor of the holiday of Sukkos, JEM has created a heartwarming production documenting a one-of-a-kind farbrengen the Rebbe gave in the Sukkah for a group of "Release Time" students in 1976.

The Wonder Fruit

In the beginning, Kfar Chabad was an agricultural settlement and like most of the residents, my father – Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Gorelik – also worked in agriculture. But, in 1956, he decided to enter a partnership with Rabbi Nachman Elbaum, a dealer in etrogim, the fruits of citron trees which are necessary for Sukkot rituals. READ MORE: