A Letter for You

Here’s my Story: At a farbrengen following Lag B’Omer 1981, the Rebbe urged that a Sefer Torah be written to unite all Jewish children as the means to avert great danger. Within days it became clear what the Rebbe was referring to.

Porch Minyan Leads to Lag B’Omer Revelation

As Divine providence would have it, Rafael, along with his father Rachamaim, who had captured the photos, had recently met some Yeshiva students at his block’s “porch Minyan.” When Rafael walked over with the pile of newly-found photos, the students were smitten by the incrdedibly vivid color and sharpness of the 33 year old images.

Lag B’Omer Podcast from Ashreinu

In honor of Lag B’Omer, Ashreinu.app presents a podcast, 2nd in the series, highlighting Lag B’Omer moments with the Rebbe. In a series of tracks, Rabbi Yossi Lew sits down to discuss special highlights of Lag B’Omer with the Rebbe, focusing on the years 5740 - 5747.

In Mint Condition

One fine autumn morning in 1952, while I was studying in the Chabad yeshivah at 770, one of the Rebbe’s secretaries came running into the study hall, asking me if I had a driver’s license. I said that I did. I had gotten it at age sixteen upon the advice of my family while home in Boston for the summer. “Oh good,” the secretary said. “The Rebbe wants to go to the Ohel [the resting place of the Previous Rebbe] as soon as possible and needs someone to drive him there. Can you take him?”

“Connection Point High” Set For Another Round

Following the tremendous success that JEM and Tzivos Hashem saw with the Connection Point program in elementary schools since 2018, the program was expanded this year to include high school students. Now, responding to the warm feedback and an eagerly received first semester (See the testimonials at the end of this article.), Connection Point has announced that a second program will soon begin.

Making the world a smaller place

I was a young yeshivah student, just twenty-one years old, who didn’t know anything about electronics; I didn’t even know how a telephone operated. All I knew was how to dial – that’s as far as my knowledge went. But, by Divine Providence, I happened to be the right person at the right place at the right time, and I became a crucial cog in a wheel that eventually became the World Lubavitch Communication Center.