Never Say Goodbye Twice

I remember that, upon entering the Rebbe’s room, I felt very cold because the air conditioning was on high, but as soon as the Rebbe looked at me with his bright blue eyes, I warmed up. He spoke to me softly, in French, and he put me totally at ease. I felt calm and serene – as if I was meeting with a loving father. Read More

When you see the light, do this

For quite a while, I had been plagued with migraine headaches. Sometimes, they would come on as often as once a week, preceded by flashes of light appearing before my eyes. When I began experiencing those flashes, I knew that shortly thereafter I would get a migraine headache. I had been to medical specialists who prescribed different medications, but none of them helped.

The Code of Jewish Love

When I was approaching my Bat Mitzvah, I heard that there was a custom to write to the Rebbe for a blessing. I was fairly new to Chabad and wasn’t familiar with this custom, but as I sat down to write my letter, I thought it would probably be nice to also the Rebbe a blessing. I shouldn’t just be asking and taking; I should also be giving. This is the way my twelve-year-old mind reasoned. I knew that the Rebbe was childless, so I decided to give him a blessing for children. Now, this was 1981, so the Rebbe was nearing eighty, but I did not see that as an obstacle. Didn’t Avraham have Yitzchak when he was one hundred years old? The Torah teaches us that G-d can do anything!

Purim In the Rebbe’s Home

Purim of 1988 was a poignant time in Chabad. Just weeks after the passing of his wife, Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson, the Rebbe was still holding all services in his house. Yet Purim, a most joyous holiday, was celebrated by the Rebbe as such. Watch this special selection of scenes from the day's events and spend Purim with the Rebbe.

The Extravagant Bar Mitzvah

But when I went to see the Rebbe, I couldn’t do it. I had actually written a long letter to present to him, but then I tore it up and just asked for a birthday blessing.

The following year, I had more courage. I again prepared a long letter but, this time, I actually gave it to him. I spelled out where I was holding spiritually — what I was doing and what I was not doing in terms of my Divine service. In particular, I had told the Rebbe that sometimes, when I did certain things in my spiritual practice, I felt conceited, in the grasp of my ego. Read More:

Mr. David Mintz, OBM

Mr. Mintz merited to have a close relationship with the Rebbe and visited on many occasions. He attributed his outstanding success to the Rebbe’s business advice and many blessings. We’re honored to share with you a peek into his relationship with the Rebbe.

Separation Anxiety

Although I grew up in a religious family in Jerusalem, I did not have any real connection to Chabad until my sister married a Lubavitcher. This led me, in 1974, to the Chabad yeshivah in Kfar Chabad and eighteen months later to meeting the Rebbe in Brooklyn, New York. When that happened, I felt I had discovered … Continue reading Separation Anxiety