My Son, the Rebbe

The sixth of Tishrei marks the Yahrzeit of the Rebbe’s mother, Rebbetzin Chana Schneerson. She stood faithfully at the side of her husband, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneerson, as he sacrificed his life for the preservation of Judaism under the Soviet regime. After his untimely passing in 1944, Rebbetzin Chana made her way to the United … Continue reading My Son, the Rebbe

New Site Brings Fresh “Tishrei with the Rebbe” Experience

For many years, the staff at Jewish Educational Media have been working to bring together these disparate precious materials. Thank G-d, after much effort, the next monumental step towards turning this vision into reality has been taken : JEM has rolled out, a beautifully organized site allowing users to launch “everything Tishrei'' in recorded media of the Rebbe.